Our Services

CNP aims at bringing about meaningful associations


I. Formation & Setup of Non Profits

  1. Assistance with Formation, Registration & Compliances
  2. Putting forth the HR, Donation & Accounting Policy Manuals
  3. Setting up the Book Keeping & Accounting System
  4. Booking Keeping & Accounting Service
  5. Periodic Internal Audits
  6. Monthly / Quarterly MIS reporting
  7. Compliances Checklist
  8. Finalization of Accounts
  9. Filing of Returns

II. Evaluation & Monitoring

  1. Impact Assessment & SROI Calculations
  2. Social Audit


III. Fund Raising

  1. Strategizing fund raising
  2. Proposal writing
  3. Certified Fund Utilization Statements for Donors


IV. HR Management

As an organisation scales up, HR management becomes increasingly challenging & complex; We help with the following functions

  1. Attendance , Payroll & Leave Calculations
  2. Performance & Incentive Management
  3. Setting up of HR Policies


V. Training & Capacity Building

We conduct short training courses for Employees & students in all the above specialization areas in Hindi, Marathi or English.


  1. Baseline study
  2. Developing Request For Proposals (RFP)
  3. Scrutiny of Non Profit Proposals
  4. Creation of CSR Policy
  5. Identification & Running Due Deligence of Implementing Agencies based on Internal CSR Policy
  6. Monitoring and Evaluation of the projects
  7. Volunteer management for Corporates.
  8. CA Certified Fund Utilization Statements of NGOs